March 02, 2000

To Whom it May Concern:

Chuck Gerrish is a competent, friendly, and knowledgeable salesman. We have enjoyed working with him the last three years and hope to place more orders in the future.

Auger Industries, Inc. is an Aerospace production machine shop that has been in service since 1969. We manufacture precision parts for BFGoodrich L.G.D., Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, & Menasco to name a few.

We have (7) CNC turning centers that can turn to a 22" diameter. We have (4) CNC mills with Fourth Axis capabilities. The largest table size is 51" x 22".
Chuck has sold us two Yang, ML-60A CNC Slantbed Chucking Lathes, one in 1998 and the other in 1999.

K.C. McLendon
Production Manager
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May 12, 2000

CNC Machine Sales
914 N. Sacramento Street
Orange, CA 92867

ATTN: Chuck Gerrish

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your honesty and integrity on our recent purchase of a lathe and mill.

The installation and training went as smooth as you said it would. I appreciate your service and follow-through after the sale was completed.

Please feel free to use me as a reference any time you want.


Young Lee, Owner
Ace Precision
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Referral List:

Auger Industries 714-577-9350
Tolemar 714-265-4834
JTS 714-379-4810
Cla-Val 949-722-4800
MICO 909-676-9149
Metalactive 714-841-9842
AMETEC 949-642-2400 ext.238

CNC Machine Sales | 1332 West Collins Ave. | Orange, CA 92867 | (714) 335-5447