What We're About:

My name is Chuck Gerrish and I own CNC Machine Sales Co. I started out in this business working for a manufacturer and only selling his product line. I was working with some great customers that needed other equipment that I could not provide, so, a considerable time ago, I decided to go into business on my own.

In this day and age, there are some very good CNC equipment in the market. The prices vary greatly, but the equipment is good. What I think is the most important item for the customer to be concerned with is the service on the equipment. All sales goals, material planning, delivery dates, and profit go out the window when a machine is not running.

Competition is fierce in the marketplace today. If the machine shop owner or manufacturer cannot deliver the product on time, the owner is in jeopardy of losing the customer. Customers cost too much to get, and are hard to keep when everything is going fine. I have tried to make sure that a machine is never down for a day. It is not hard to do if you have the proper parts supply and enough service people. I feel that service is the most important factor when I am investigating a new product line to carry. That one factor is the most critical, not only to my customers' business, but also my business. I have to work like a dog to sell the first machine to a customer, but my service sells the second one.

All of my customers know that if they cannot reach the service department, they can call me at home or on my cell phone, regardless of time. When I get a late call or a weekend call, the first thing I hear is an apology for the call. My customers don't realize that I need those calls. If they can't succeed in business, neither can I.


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